in Sweden and the Nordic Countries

We have put together a map that shows most of the Nordic pilgrimage routes. Click on the button to open the map and then download it. (In the section bellow you find the pilgrimage trails on the map  in a list).


in Sweden and the Nordic Countries

We have listed the Nordic pilgrimage routes and gathered information about the length of the route and links to further information. 

NOTE: Please note that most information about the trails is in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish or Finnish. But use e.g. Google translate to translate the text to gain an understanding of the content.


National Association of Pilgrimage in Sweden (PiS)

The National Association of Pilgrimage in Sweden (Riksförbundet Pilgrim in Sweden) is a non-partisan and religiously independent non-profit and democratic organization and a coordinating body for local and regionalpilgrim associations.

The association was formed in 1997 as the association Pilgrim in Sweden for the right to use the Norwegian Riksantikvarien's pilgrim logo (Olavsmärket) for marking pilgrimage routes in Sweden as leads directly/indirectly to Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim.

The association owns and is responsible for the administration of the Saint Olofsmärket within Sweden. The association has its legal seat in Vadstena, but operates throughout the country.

The Confederation's purpose aims to:

  • Thematically work around the pilgrim idea in tradition and cultural history, including Christian history of ideas.

  • In dialogue with the member organizations, develop and support cooperation in matters relating to pilgrimage activities.

  • In collaboration with authorities, county museums, the home country movement, pilgrim associations and other organizations approve/certify trails and places connected to Nidaros cathedral iTrondheim and coordinate the work of documenting and making knowledge availableabout the status of the trails such as marking and accessibility.

  • Work for safe and secure hiking trails that give people the opportunity to come out in nature on hikes with respect for the right to well-being, community, outdoor life and time for reflection.

  • Monitor and represent the interests of the pilgrim organizations at national- and regional level as well as internationally.

  • Coordinate national and international events and activities aroundpilgrim issues.

  • Support the formation of new Pilgrimscentra.
  • Be responsible for the use of the Sankt Olofsmark in Sweden and thereby provideguidelines and materials for marking paths and places.


National Association of

Pilgrimage in Sweden (PiS)




Ann-Marie Allvar-Nordström, Karlstads stift
Carina Frykman, Göteborgs stift
Ola Hanneryd, Härjedalens fornminnesförening

Nausikaa Haupt, Stockholms katolska stift
Sven Ingvar Holmgren, Uppsala stift
Carina Lindvall, Gävleborgs län
Magnus Malmgren, Lunds stift

Per Rosenberg, Linköpings stift

Mattias Haglund, Pilgrimspräst i Ljusnans pastorat

Co-opted members
Birgitta Bäuml, the association's treasurer
Eva Hagström Öberg, secretary

Josefine Schön, administrator Pilgrim i Sverige

Convened for the election comittee
Hans Boeryd, Växjö stift


Please do contact us if you have questions about pilgrimage in Sweden.

Josefine Schön


Phone: +46 (0)76-136 53 61

Mailing address:

Riksförbundet Pilgrim i Sverige

c/o Pilgrimscentrum i Vadstena

Klostergatan 7

592 30 Vadstena

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